Mahindra's Latest Concept Designs Revealed – The Future is Here!

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Indian automotive giant Mahindra and Italian car design house Pininfarina (which is owned by Mahindra) have unveiled their vision of a future Formula E racer.

The 3 concepts unveiled showcase a radical future for the world's cleanest form of racing. The concepts, simply called Concept A, Concept B and Concept C look like a mashup of the Roborace automated cars and Pininfarina's brilliant H2 Speed Concept unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and won the Show's Best Concept Award.

The three concepts have a lot in common including smooth aerodynamic surfaces especially around the front wheels to help push the air through and the use of carbon-fibre.

Where they differ is in the cockpit and rear designs. Concept A and Concept B feature closed cockpit designs while concept C has an open concept design.

At the rear Concept A features a single fin running down the centre of the car which sprouts two low lying spoilers. Concept B on the other hand mimics its front end with two large spoilers on either side of the central fin. Concept C features the central fin which is connected to fins that sit behind the rear wheels.

Speaking about the concepts to The Verge, Mr. Dilbagh Gil said, "The main thing we were looking at was trying to steer the conversation towards getting a car which will still be relevant in 2022, 2023, which is quite some time from now."

"It needs to be fresh for a long period of time, and that's essentially the challenge with these designs, while at the same time taking care of safety, taking care of the costs of Formula E, and ensuring its future."

Could these designs spawn a Mahindra electric sports car in the future? We're not sure but anything is possible in the fast growing world of electric cars.

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