Is Mahindra Bouncing Back With Good Designs In India

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Mahindra has been slowly creeping up the table as one of the top manufacturers in India. What makes them score better than their immediate competitors? Read on to find out how Mahindra is rising.


Mahindra has gone back to its drawing board and took customers feedback earnestly and started to design their vehicles keeping and feeling the customer's pulse.

Look at their recent offering to India, SUVs like XUV500 is a runaway success not just because its exterior design, Mahindra made sure that it's the overall package which is designed to suit the Indian customers.

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The XUV500 is a pleasure to drive and handles very well on or off-road, its capabilities didn't come with a fat cost, Mahindra made sure these are very well positioned in the pricing factor as well. Personally, the mid variant of XUV500 is one of the best SUVs you can buy for the price it quotes.

Some its competitors are still at the drawing board trying to match up to Mahindra list of SUVs, there are global players who have launched some amazing products, Mahindra has answered to every critic with the best of products.

Even its newest product, the KUV100, has brought in cheer to the company and most of all - the customers, initial booking numbers speak for itself. When every other manufacturer is bringing in a solid hatchback, Mahindra brought the 'Young SUV' and changed the whole perspective of buying a small car.

Mahindra not just positioned the KUV100 in the small hatchback bracket with the pricing, but understood the pulse of customers looking for an SUV. This speaks a lot about their engineers listening to the customers feedback and what they were looking for.

Now, Mahindra is gearing up to launch the Nuvosport, the first look as it says a lot about the masculine features of the re-defined Quanto. It does look a lot like the Scorpio, but the Scorpio is one of the best sellers for the company and they want to offer the same experience at the sub-four compact SUV segment.

Features & Variants

One of the main takeaway of the products from Mahindra is the short list of variants, which does not make you confused on which one to decide on. A simple list of variants yet each variant packs a punch with the list of features it comes with.

All of their variants are optional with airbags, this makes you not lose out on the features and not compromise with the safety aspect as well. All their products are not just good looking from the exterior, some innovative spaces have been engineered in their products.

The KUV100 boasts of spaces unheard of, take for example the storage under the passenger seat or at the rear seat floor. You will surely need one of these to store some of your daily luggage or even if you are planning on a drive. These features are unique to its brand and Mahindra is taking its brand value seriously.

Engine & Specifications

Mahindra is known for its solid engines, whether it was the Bolero or the Scorpio, these were on the bigger side. Now, the company is offering engine as small as 1.2-litre in both diesel and petrol variants. This shows a lot of time spent on what the customers are looking for - it is not just the bigger engine which will take you through off-roading, a small SUV can do it as well. 

As the country moves with time and everyone is looking at the youthful look of the car, Mahindra rose to the occasion and provided the best aspect of a car - an SUV with youthful energy. The caliber of the company shows when you are able to reach the heights which never was within your aspect of your business.


Take a look at the pricing of all their products and the what it is packaged with, Mahindra seems to be moving towards what the country wants. A good, solid, performing, good looking, better mileage, features, modern in approach and a little bit of surprise in store is what you want in your car so that you can have a sense of pride, Mahindra seems to be scoring in most, if not all departments.

All this at a nominal pricing, which is well within the reach of the customer and helps the country move forward along with the current trend and not compromising on quality or quantity.

Mahindra seems to be on its path of its branding of 'Mahindra Rise' and on course for better future for India and the company overall. Hope the competitors are hearing or even taking a leaf out it to understand the current market requirement.

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