How To Personalise Your Mahindra KUV100 - The Ultimate Accessories List

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Mahindra has launched its brand new SUV, the KUV100 in India. The sub 4-metre SUV is quite a looker, but if you want to make your KUV100 your own, you can accessorise it almost any way you want with Mahindra's rather large accessories list.

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mahindra kuv100 explorer kit

The KUV100 seen in the picture above is fitted with what Mahindra calls the explorer kit. The explorer kit includes bonnet scoops as well as ruggedized bumpers at the front and the back, side skirts as well as cladding on the wheel arches and on the doors.  

However, if you really want to personalise your KUV100, you can choose from anything like chroming up your front grille and door handles as well as the registration license plate holder to the bezels of the lights. There is also the option of illuminated scuff plates as well as a light that tells everyone that you're driving a KUV100, every time you open your door.

There are other options as well for safety including booster seats for young children along with entertainment enhancers like 7-inch screens that can be fitted on the back of the headrests of the seats up front.

So remember, have a look at the accessories list when you buy your KUV100, you may just find something that may catch your eye. 

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