Lexus To Be Launched By Toyota This Year

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Toyota Motor Corp. has revealed plans to bring the iconic Lexus cars to India this year. It will enter the exciting hybrid car segment in the country.

The hybrid segment will not be in volumes and Toyota wants to be sure before they can offer all the brands under Lexus. With the government pursuing policies which will help sustain the environment, hybrids have become essential for manufacturers in India.

Toyota will bring the RX compact SUV, the RX450h and will not launch any of the other exciting range of RX. The RX450h is powered by a 3.5litre V6 engine mated to an electric motor. The fuel is a direct and port injected.

The engine is pushed by a combined output of 308bhp and drive modes of Eco and Sport could be offered as optional, and the AWD (All Wheel Drive) might be standard.

The company might follow it with sedans - the GS 450h (Powertrain is of the RX hybrid, but increased output at 338bhp), and the LS 600h (5-litre V8, 438bhp combined output) flagship sedan.

The Lexus RX450h will compete with other automakers like the Mercedes, BMW and Audi, who have already entered the hybrid market, so Toyota will put all their strength to achieve decent number in terms of sale.

Toyota is already offering the Camry hybrid in India, of which 90% of the sales comes from the hybrid variant of the Camry. The company will aggressively research on the feedback from the customers and position the hybrids accordingly.

Toyota's boss for the Asia/Middle East/North Africa regions, Kyoichi Tanada said, "We (already) have a hybrid of Camry and as we are seeing government requirements and environmental issues in India, we have to develop or introduce more hybrid cars in the country. Basically, we have to consider three things - how we can keep our leadership through our SUV models, and also how we can increase our sales number through the passenger car lineup. And how will we be able to introduce more hybrid cars meeting the government's requirements."

Prices offered in the UK, ranges from Rs. 46-47 lakhs, there will be a difference in pricing in India based on how the vehicle is manufactured or if it will come as assembled.


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