This Friendly JLR-Jeep Tweet War Is Something They Should Do Everyday

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When competitors exchange their rants on Twitter, you can't expect it to end well. But that's not what happened Jeep, and Jaguar Land Rover took on each other.

Yesterday, Jeep entered the Indian market with two of its iconic labels - Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. The major competition for the American manufacturer in India will be the Jaguar Land Rover.

But JLR India, welcoming its opponent, tweeted this:

Shortly, Jeep replied:

The pleasant exchange of tweets between the two auto giants resembled the tweet wars between Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

On the day of BMW's 100th anniversary, Mercedes had tweeted a video, thanking BMW for 100 years of competition. Then, adding, "The first 30 years were actually boring without you."

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