Loony Aussie Uses A Lamborghini To Tow Goats

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Lamborghinis have always been mental. From the crazy rear wheel drive days to the current period under Audi ownership, the raging bull from Italy always finds some way to make anyone near or in it feel like a 12-year-old again.

It would seem, that the same thing held true for this wannabe 12-year-old from the land Down Under, Australia. Unfortunately for a few goats, this Aussie didn't seem to have his trustworthy ute around, so he put the herbivores on a trailer and hitched the trailer to the back of his Lambo, much to the amusement of everyone else on the road.

While we applaud the mental Aussie, we do hope he didn't floor the Lambo on his way to wherever he was going (unless he was planning to serve roast mutton at a barbeque). We also would like to enquire where he found a tow hitch for a Murcielago?

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