This Lamborghini Is A 'Trumpventador'

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The Lamborghini Aventador is a 691bhp fire spitting monster that can scare anyone inside or in its path.

lamborghini aventador donald trump wrap

An American owner of the Italian raging bull (and presumably a bad hair guy) thinks that the Lamborghini isn't quite scary enough and has decided to add a scary wrap, which should make him the most divisive Lamborghini owner in America.

His crime — adding a wrap of one Mr. Donald J. Trump (or as comedian John Oliver calls Donald Drumf) along with the presumptive Republican US presidential candidate's catch-phrases like 'Make America GR8 Again', (not sure he knows it's spelt that way as well),

However, our favorite portion of the car is of course the 'You're Fired' above the exhaust ( the poor soul loses his job and then gets flambeed for his trouble).

This rolling 'Trumpventador' will soon roar Mr Trump's message across America as it travels across America in the 2016 Gold Rush Rally, which starts in Boston and ends in Los Angeles.

P.S. — We're not exactly sure if Mr Drumf knows of this car as of yet, cause we sure would have heard him shouting about it somewhere.


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