Ever Wondered What Happens When Karma Eyes Tesla? Make Way For The Karma Revero

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For those thinking 'what has Tesla done now?', we are speaking about Karma, the carmaker. The US based carmaker, Karma has offered the world a peek at its upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Revero.

For those wondering out there, Karma is the once bankrupt Fisker Automotive Inc. The carmaker did eye to rival Tesla long ago, and here it is now.

The carmaker went bankrupt in 2013 and a Chinese company called Wanxiang Group bought Fisker's assets in 2014 and named the company after Fisker's first and only hybrid car, Karma.

Interested people can book the Karma Revero from September 8 onward, and the company has not revealed details about the car's price, production, or sales. But what we do know about the car is that it comes with a solar rooftop and a sleek, sporty design.

The first Karma that was made by Fisker cost USD 103,000 and production soon stopped after Fisker declared bankruptcy. The car faced recalled issues and only fewer than 3,000 Karmas were sold.

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