Jaguar Is Building 9 XKSS Cars, Priced At £1 Million

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If you are in the market for a road legal Jaguar racer, you may be in luck as the British company is building 9 XKSS cars to replace the ones lost in a fire in 1957 at their Coventry factory.

The Jaguar XKSS was the road going version of Jaguar's 3-time Le Mans winning D-Type racer. A total of 25 were to be built but the final 9 D-Types being converted into road legal XKSS spec were lost in a fire at the Coventry factory.

The XKSS hasn't changed much compared to the racing D-Type it is based on adding a windscrenn, doors while losing the hump at the back. Otherwise everything else is the same including the racing suspension and the 3.4-litre straight-six engine that produces 250bhp. 

Jaguar will make only 9 new XKSS models to complete the 25 unit run that started in 1957. Each new XKSS will cost you a cool £1 Million, not bad for a brand new road legal version of a 1950's racer.

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