Is Jaguar, Ford & BMW In Talks For Making Electric Car Batteries?

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According to sources, Jaguar, Ford, and BMW are in talks to open a electric car battery manufacturing plant. None of the three carmakers have confirmed the news, but The Times claims that executives from the three brands have met their counterparts to discuss a collaboration.

Jaguar has plans of building an electric car, while BMW and Ford are much ahead in this field. If the deal goes through, it would save all three carmaker's money on manufacturing car batteries.

There is a high chance that the three could have a factory up and running in a few years, while the electric vehicle leader, Tesla still uses batteries made from a third party.

Tesla uses batteries made from Panasonic, LC Chem, and Samsung DI, all South Korean brands who supply the car batteries to the carmaker from California. BMW uses batteries made by Samsung and Ford uses batteries from LG Chem.

If Jaguar is not able to crack the deal with Ford and BMW, it will have to settle for batteries made by either one of the South Korean brands.

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