Isuzu MU-7 SUV Available Only With Automatic Transmission

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Isuzu Motors launched an automatic transmission as an option in its MU-7 model last year. Dealerships across the country now do not have a 2016 MU-7 SUV with a manual transmission. There is a high possibility that the manual option has been ditched for a more convenient option.

A few Isuzu dealers do have the MU-7 with manual transmission, however, they were manufactured in 2015. The MU-7 from Isuzu is their most premium SUV on offer in India. The Japanese-based automobile manufacturer might have decided that offering only an automatic option will add value.

isuzu mu 7 automatic

During December 2015, Isuzu halted production at the Hindustan Motors facility in Chennai. The Japanese-based automobile manufacturer has inaugurated its own facility in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. New manufacturing unit has a capacity of 50,000 units per year at this moment.

isuzu mu 7 automatic

Automatic MU-7 by Isuzu is available at a price of Rs. 23.90 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi). The base version of the MU-7 with manual transmission was available at a price of Rs. 20.14 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi). Stay tuned for more updates from Isuzu and their upcoming product launches.

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