Indian Couple To Drive From Mumbai To London In BMW X5

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An Indian couple has decided to take a road trip from Mumbai to London. In recent times, several individuals are taking up challenges of long trips in their vehicles. What is astounding in this story is that this couple is not young by age, however, they surely seem to be young at heart.

Louis D'Souza who is 61 years old and his spouse, Janet D'Souza will take on an epic journey. The duo from Mangalore has named their experience as 'The Lifetime Journey'. Accompanying the duo on their journey will their very new BMW X5 model.

Their journey is set to begin from Mumbai on May 20, 2016, which marks Louis D'Souza's 62nd birthday. Janet and Louis will pass through forty countries and plan on covering a total distance of 50,000 kilometres. They will also be teaming up with two NGOs that deal with the underprivileged.

White Doves, a Mangalore-based NGO and Muskan Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO will receive benefits from the duo. For every kilometre the couple travels in their vehicle, ten Rupees will go to both NGOs. The duo from Mangalore has paired their journey to a noble cause as well.

Janet and Louis were inspired by Anand Baid and his family. The Baid family had recently undertaken a journey from Bangalore to Paris. Proving that exploring the world through one's own vehicle is very much possible. We wish both Louis and Janet the very best in their Journey of a lifetime experience.

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