Japanese Hunt: Comparing The Honda City With BR-V

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Honda Car India's most successful model in India, the City continues to woo each and everyone with its quality and handling for nearly two decades. It has been ruling the sedan segment since its launch in India from 1998.

The Honda City is facing severe competition in the recent past, however, it has stood ground and delivered sales. One of the recent competitors is its own sibling, the Honda BR-V, a compact SUV launched recently from the same stable.

Specification Comparison: Honda City vs BR-V

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Honda BR-V and City are categorised in different segments, however, the similarity is the pricing and the engine specifications. Let us take the comparison route to find out which could suit you the most.

Pricing: Honda City vs BR-V

The pricing is the main factor for the comparison because of its similarity between the two models. The Honda BR-V price ranges from Rs. 8.10 to 12.04 lakh for the petrol and the diesel model costs you between Rs. 9.32 to 12.42 lakh.

Specification Comparison: Honda City vs BR-V

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As for the Honda City, the price starts from Rs. 8.75 to 12 lakh and the diesel costs you in the range of Rs. 9.90 to 12.90 lakh.

Specification Comparison: Honda City vs BR-V

The Honda BR-V costs Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 more compared to the sedan in each of the variants.

Note: Prices are ex-showroom (Delhi)

Design & Dimension: Honda City vs BR-V

The Honda BR-V is built with the compact SUV design language, hence, it has the characteristics of an SUV like high ground clearance, better height, width, and side and wheel arch body cladding.

Details Honda City Honda BR-V
Length 4440 mm 4456 mm
Width 1695 mm 1735 mm
Height 1495 mm 1666 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm 2662 mm
Ground Clearence 165 mm 210 mm
Boot Space 510 litres 223 litres

Also, the BR-V has the effect of high commanding view from the driver seat, bigger wheels, roof rails and it can carry 7-passengers easily.

As for the Honda City, the sedan is sharp, rising shoulder lines, wrapped around head and tail lamps and a sharper snout front fascia.

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Features: Honda City vs BR-V

Here is where you can see a whole lot of comparison on the Honda City and the BR-V. Let us go to what the Honda BR-V does not get. The infotainment system of the City is a 6.2" touch-screen system with Sat Nav, this is sorely missed on the BR-V.

Specification Comparison: Honda City vs BR-V

Also, what the BR-V does not get is the cruise control and no ISOFIX and Tether for child protections, which should have been there considering it as a family car which can carry seven people.

The Honda City comes with premium features which are not found in the BR-V like the trunk lighting, sound insulation for the front windshield on the diesel model and cruise control, which should be in an SUV.

Specification Comparison: Honda City vs BR-V

What both the cars share in features is the Start/Stop button, Auto Climate Control, Rear Parking Camera, Paddle Shift for the CVT model, keyless entry, alloy wheels, dual airbags and ABS with EBD to name a few.

Specification Comparison: Honda City vs BR-V

Also, the sunroof is seen on the Honda City and not on the BR-V.

Engine & Specifications: Honda City vs BR-V

Specs City BR-V
Fuel Petrol Diesel Petrol Diesel
1497 cc 1498 cc 1497 cc 1498 cc
Power 117 bhp 99 bhp 117 bhp 99 bhp
Torque 145 Nm 200 Nm 145 Nm 200 Nm


Details City BR-V
Petrol (MT) 17.8 kmpl 15.4 kmpl
Petrol (CVT) 18 kmpl 16 kmpl
Diesel 26 kmpl 21.9 kmpl

Verdict: Honda City vs BR-V

Honda City holds the fort as a better model compared to the BR-V, only on the features front like safety and premium touches like the sunroof, keyless trunk opening, touch-screen infotainment system with navigation.

The Honda BR-V scores on the seating capacity and dimension which provides spacious cabin. Being a compact SUV, the high ground clearance, and high commanding view helps you when you want to take the BR-V for a soft off-roading drive.

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