Hamilton Could Pick Up Penalties Prior To Racing At 2016 Belgian GP

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Formula One 2016 Championship will be returning from its summer break. Most drivers will be eager to get behind the wheel and get back to racing. Next round is scheduled to begin from August 26, at Spa-Francorchamps. Hamilton will enter the weekend with a major disadvantage.

Lewis Hamilton suffered multiple engine failures at the beginning of 2016 F1 season. The British driver is looking at taking a severe grid penalty at 2016 Belgian GP. Three-time Formula One Champion is looking at a 20-place grid penalty, which will soon be confirmed.

So far, Hamilton has already used a maximum of changeable engine parts. Mercedes-AMG team and technicians are planning, which part and component need to be changed. Every component change adds a ten-place grid penalty in Formula One.

Hamilton and Mercedes could gamble by not changing the MGU-K, battery, electronics, or internal combustion unit. If he does not change any component at 2016 Belgian GP, Hamilton will surely take a penalty at the upcoming Italian GP.

Currently, Nico Rosberg trails Lewis Hamilton in 2016 Formula One Championship. Hamilton has a 19 point advantage over Rosberg in the Driver's Title battle. Mercedes-AMG team is confident that the 2016 Championship will be decided between both their drivers.

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