Google All Set To Take On Uber With New Ride-Share Service

Written By: Irwin Mills

Uber has been dominating the ride-sharing service community for a while now. Google, on the other hand, is on the look out to enter the ride-sharing service turf.

The Wall Street Journal reports, the two firms have moved on from partners to rivals. The Journal also reports, Google has been testing their ride-sharing service app on a small scale and is all set to expand across San Francisco.

google ride share service app

Google's service will be available through the company's Waze navigation app, which will connect paying commuters with drivers headed in the same direction.

The vast difference between Uber and its nearest rival, Lyft, is driver fares, which means Google's ride-sharing service will not charge driver fares. In India, Uber drivers have to pay 25% toward driver fares to the company for each trip.

Expect Google not to make money anytime soon; but, we also believe, it is not going to affect Google in a big way as their advertising business is very lucrative.

The biggest challenge, however, would be to attract professional drivers to switch from UBER and join Google.

In 2013, Google had invested $258 million in Uber. However, in the recent times, Uber has expressed their interest in autonomous-driving technology, an area where Google has spent an enormous amount of money and time developing self-driving cars.

Which makes us think — Could this be one of the reasons for the dissolution of the partnership?

Whatever the reason may be, for sure, the future of transportation and logistics is going to benefit from this war. Who's your money hero — Google or Uber?

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