RoboGlove Developed By GM & NASA To Aid Factory Workers

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General Motors and NASA have come together for a special project. The American-based automobile manufacturer has developed an all-new technology called the 'RoboGlove'. The special glove has been designed to reduce factory workers load and effort.

Over a period of nine years, Nasa and General Motors have collaborated over Robonaut2 and a humanoid robot, which was launched into space during 2011. Roboglove will soon be implemented at certain General Motors facility for factory workers to try.

Swedish medical technology company, Bioservo Technologies AB has entered into a licensing agreement with General Motors. Soft Extra Muscle technology will be used in RoboGlove. Various sensors, actuators, and tendons which will replicate the complex human arm.

Users will have to wear a battery pack mounted to the belt for RoboGlove. In simple words, RoboGlove will offer better grip and ability to lift a heavier object. The technology looks like a simple glove with actuators and other aids to make the job of an assembly line worker less tiring.

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