Halo Not To Be Introduced In Formula One During 2017 Season

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Formula One teams have been constantly testing out the new parts that would improve driver safety. Recently, officials decided that Formula One vehicles should have protection over the helmet for drivers. A 'Halo' like component is the most likely option to solve the protection issue.

Previously, Formula One strategy group decided on implementing Halo over the cockpit in 2017. They have now unanimously decided that most teams would not be able to develop the technology ahead of the 2017 Formula One season.

Development of the Halo will continue and will be compulsory for all teams by 2018. Safety is the primary concern and Halos are the future of Formula One. The cockpit is exposed and elements could cause injuries to the driver in case of an accident.

Officials could also drop the idea of a Halo cockpit protector if something better is developed. Some believe an aero screen could be introduced as well. Formula One teams will have 2016 and 2017 to further improve the protection for drivers in the cockpit.

Several Formula One drivers have been pushing for faster adoption of the Halo protection. The protection for cockpit and drivers was taken into consideration after Jules Bianchi, Henry Surtees, and Justin Wilson were involved in fatal accidents.

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