2017 Ford GT To Be Offered With Carbon Fibre Wheels — But Why?

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The Ford GT has stirred up a lot of interest with auto enthusiast around the world and the company has already received 6,500 requests for the car. But not everybody can get one since the company will make just 500 units in the first year.

Leaving that aspect apart, for those more interested in the car but can't get their hands on one, Ford is offering optional carbon fibre wheels with the GT. Ford had done something similar earlier by offering carbon fibre wheels as standard with the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang.

Coming back to the GT's optional carbon fibre wheel, it has a clear coat to protect the bare carbon finish and maintain the shine. The wheels come with resin compounds and advanced fiber weave, which allowed designers to provide more detailing.

Also, compared to the regular wheel, the carbon fibre wheels reduce inertia by 25 percent. Ford claims that the new carbon fiber wheels will make the GT more silent, and offer a comfortable ride along with better steering, braking, and suspension. The wheels measure 8.5 x 20-inches for the front axle, and 11.5 x 20-inches for the rear axle.

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