FIA Could Bring Back Refuelling To Make F1 Interesting

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The last couple of Formula One seasons has been rather uninteresting and predictive. FIA Officials and Bernie Ecclestone will be meeting up next week with the Strategy Group. A decision will be made by several strategist in Geneva to make the sport interesting.

f1 refuelling

2008 was the last year when Formula One teams were allowed to refuel vehicles and play with different strategies. The main reason for banning refuelling back then raced could be won by pit strategies. Chance of a driver making few overtakes greatly increased.

If the Strategy Group and FIA Officials come to a consensus, we could see refuelling return in 2017. The teams will also have a say in the reintroduction of refuelling. One reason why it was omitted in the last few years was to keep costs in check and reduce risks in the pitlane.

Several other changes are also expected to make the sport more interesting. Formula One experts believe an increase in engine performance and higher tyre degradation will help the audience experience. The plan is also to make the exhaust notes louder which has been missing for a while now.

Currently, Mercedes powered teams are at an advantage and Ferrari is slowly yet steadily catching up. To make the sport more interesting Formula One needs more competitive teams and drivers. We really hope Renault and Honda can find additional performance from their engines.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 16, 2016, 15:53 [IST]
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