Insane Jet Powered Ferrari Enzo Replica Can Hit 650km/h

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The art of making hot-rods has been around for a long time but even the people who started the crazy movement would be wondering if this mad thing in front of them was real.

The mad thing being a Ferrari Enzo replica with two Rolls-Royce jet engines sticking out of its rear end. Engines that push out a combined 62,275Nm of torque and can theoretically send this mad car to a top speed of 650km/h.

The body of the car, which is quite appropriately named as 'Insanity', is just a shell which mimics one of the most iconic cars to have borne the 'Prancing Horse' on its nose, the Ferrari Enzo.

In many ways, Insanity is like those funny car dragsters which have the body shell(sort of) of a normal road legal car. Under the shell of the funny car is the driver along with a nitromethane powered V8.

In the case of the Insanity, owner and all round Canadian car nut Ryan McQueen (Is He related to Steve McQueen by any chance?) sold off his prized Chevrolet Corvette to raise the money required for him to buy two Rolls Royce jet engines that were being auctioned off.

90,000 Canadian Dollars (Rs. 46.38 lakh) and 12 years since he first started working on the mad machine in his garage, McQueen has a vehicle which will terrify anyone racing against it and burn the face off (probably) of anyone standing behind it.

We salute Mr McQueen and eagerly await what Inasnity can do on the drag strip.


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