Worried About Tracking Your Commercial Vehicle? Then Here Is A Solution

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Fastrackerz is known for its fleet management system. Now it has launched a new device for tracking of a vehicle and real-time data monitoring. The device is called as FT0007. This new device will play an important role in logistics and transportation sector.

The new device FT0007 comes with GPS/GPM antenna and it operates with a battery. It is equipped with an alarm that notifies the driver of the route change and if he is overspeeding. It also has an SOS panic alarm. It can also provide the full replay of vehicle driving route, which is possible because of its backup battery.

vehicle tracking device

The main advantage of this device is its size. It occupies only a tiny space. It solves much of the problem in tracking the route and other parameters of the vehicle.

Director, Fastrackerz, Amit Kalra said, "The logistics industry tends to be highly risky when it comes to fleet management. Our latest device FT0007 makes real-time fleet management easier and is highly effective in providing accurate details to the end-user."

"The device delivers as effectively as the bigger products and also offers an advantage of being portable and reasonably priced. We are really happy and proud to cater to the innate needs of our customers by readily making available products like FT0007 in the logistics and transportation segment".

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