Faraday Future To Give Tesla A Run For Its Money Soon

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Electric cars being the future, many electric carmakers are trying to beat Tesla, which has proved to be a successful electric car making company. One notable electric carmaker who is ready to challenge Tesla is Faraday Future.

faraday future ffzero1 concept

Faraday Future is a US based startup that is funded by the Chinese. Dag Reckhorn, the Marketing Vice President of Faraday Future and former Tesla Executive has revealed a few facts to The Verge in an interview.

Reckhorn claims that the company is building a variety of cars based on a single chassis platform. This will enable the company to mix and match batteries, power trains and even the body. He also says that the battery capacity will be 20 to 30 percent over its competitor (Tesla).

Faraday is looking to launch a car within two years time and has nearly completed the design of its car factory in Nevada and construction will begin soon.

Competition is growing in this segment and Tesla has aims to reach full production of the Model 3 by 2018. Another advantage with Tesla is the experience the company has gained time.

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