Enzo Ferrari Comes Up With Another Jewel, The Kode 57 Supercar

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Enzo Ferrari has stunned the automobile world with its super cars range, here is an addition to this list, it's the Kode 57. The new car was revealed in The Quail, a motor sport gathering in Monterey.

Ferrari's designer Ken Okuyama is behind this masterpiece. The car sits on a steel chassis, and is powered by the most powerful V12 workhorse, which pumps around 600bhp of power. The engine is mounted in front of the car in a still unknown front mid-ship configuration.

Okuyama told that this car will not be a 'one-off' but a few examples will be produced which will be hand built in their state of the art facility. This car will be a very limited one. This car gets a long nose and short deck. Big air intakes at the front and a large rear diffuser help airflow and cooling. It almost looks like a Formula 1 car.

Aluminium space frame and carbon fiber body panels are used to save weight. It gets a half cut front windscreen. The doors are designed in a peculiar rear hinged scissor type, that opens backwards.

The engine and suspension settings can be fine tuned as per the owner's taste. Even the ride height can also be adjusted. No compromise has been made, when it comes to tyres, car gets Pirreli P-Zero tyres.

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