Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Minibus

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Tesla's lineup of vehicles is set to grow in the coming years if Elon's Musk's Masterplan: Part Deux, proceeds the same way the rest of his plans have till now.

One of the vehicles that Musk hinted at in his masterplan was an electric minibus, stating that there was a need for a "high passenger density urban transport" electric vehicle. 

In July, an article on Jalopnik, made quite the compelling case for why the Model X should have been a van and not an SUV. The article went on to state that the Tesla Van would be the Holy Grail for baby boomers everywhere.

It would seem the Tesla boss did clap his eyes on the article and stated that the Jalopnik writer's idea was spot on.

Musk's tweet may cause German carmaker Volkswagen quite a few headaches. VW are the makers of the original minibus, which became very popular with the baby boomer generation. The German carmaker is planning to bring an electric version of the minibus by the end of the decade, but Musk's planned electric minibus could mean trouble for VW.

Musk's tweet also revealed that the minibus would be based on the chassis of Model X SUV. Speaking of Tesla SUVs, Musk also confirmed that his company's upcoming compact SUV would be called the Model Y, and would be based on the Model 3's chassis. 

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