Has The Dubai Government Gone Tired Of Supercars? This Is What They Have Realised

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Individuals around the globe are realising that electric vehicles are the future of mobility. Now, in an attempt to promote electric and hybrid vehicles, the Dubai Government will be purchasing several units. In the following years, Dubai plans to revamp its fleet used by officials.

Dubai Green Mobility Initiative Committee has also been formed by the Government. Their goal will be to set targets and plan of action to reduce carbon emissions. Officials will be attempting to reduce harmful gases emitted from vehicles in a span of four years.

The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DWEA) is working on a green charger initiative. The goal is to set up charging points for electric vehicles pan Dubai. Since 2015, over 100 charging points have been established for adoption and convenience of using electric vehicles in the country.

Fast chargers have also been set up at regular petrol pumps. Home chargers usually take six to eight hours to fully charge the battery. With fast chargers, the battery can be topped up and ready to go in a matter of 20 minutes. An EV Green Charger Card can be obtained by electric vehicle owners to use these chargers.

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