Eicher Launches AFC & HexaDrive Technologies With Pro 1000 Series Trucks

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Eicher has launched the Pro 1000 Series range of trucks with Advanced Fuel Combustion (AFC) and HexaDrive enabled technologies. The trucks have been designed with a philosophy of delivering higher vehicle lifetime profitability to the end customer.

With the help of the new technology, the trucks will return better mileage and also ensure faster turnaround time for fleet owners. The new technologies were unveiled with the Pro 1110 and Pro 1110 XP vehicles.

The AFC technology allows better air fuel mixture through an advanced combustion chamber design along with optimized fuel injection providing higher mileage and better pick up.

The HexaDrive technology is designed to improve productivity for the end user. The technology features the next generation 6-speed gearbox with overdrive and better torque delivery to the wheels. The optimised gearbox delivers better mileage at higher speeds.

The Eicher Pro 1110 and Pro 1110 XP trucks with the AFC and HexaDrive technologies deliver 115HP and 400Nm of torque in the BS-III variant and 120HP and 400Nm torque in the BS-IV variant.

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