Driverless Car Technology Creating A Wave Of Revolution In Transportation Industry

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Autonomous driving technology, one of the most trending topics in today's automobile industry, has taken the future of vehicles to a whole new level. Companies like Ford, Uber, and Volvo are striving hard to crack the code of driverless car.

Ford and Chinese firm Baidu is collaborating to make an investment of $150 for Veoldyne LiDAR. It's a firm that develops and produces sensors which are used in commercial and industrial applications, which also includes automobile safety system, autonomous driving, and 3D mobile mapping.

Some of the main techniques used in today's self driving cars are, Radar, Lidar, GPS, odometry, and computer vision. US companies Lyft and General Motors are also coming together to launch taxis with autonomous driving technology by end of this year.

Major companies like Google, Apple, Uber, and Tesla are also taking this technology into new heights day by day to make this new technology the modern day norm. Autonomous driving technology now focuses on different aspects such as, weather, navigation system, and improving its software.

Coming to India, the major issue are the roads. The poor condition of Indian roads should be addressed very soon or else driverless cars will be a no-go for our roads.

The recent news on Tesla's driverless car crash also makes us to think about safety and challenges to be met. But within the next decade, we can see a drastic change in the transportation industry.

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