Video: Watch This World's Luckiest Dog Make A Miracle Escape From A Tragedy

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We're not sure who is the luckiest one here - the little dog or the driver from Uruguay, Fernando Zuasnabar

This is hands down the world's luckiest dog after becoming the subject of a movie stunt.

The dog, who was happily walking along the hillside without knowing he's in the middle of a course at Codasur 2016 rally, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

What's seen in the video is the souped-up rally car screeching around a corner, launching itself into the air and flies over the top of the little dog's head, leaving it completely unharmed.

It is clear that the driver did not see the dog and sent the car into the air over the top of it. So we have decided ourselves that this little guy is the luckiest dog on the planet.

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