Diesel Vehicle Ban In Delhi-NCR Region Affects 5,000 Jobs

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The Supreme Court has extended the ban on sale of diesel vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region. No manufacturer can sell a diesel-powered vehicle over 2,000cc. It is estimated that over 5,000 jobs have been affected owing to the diesel ban in the region.

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) says that production of 11,000 units is witnessed by automobile manufacturers. This production loss will directly affect industry jobs in the country. All details and findings were submitted to the Supreme Court.

It is estimated that if the ban on sale of diesel vehicles is spread across India the number would be bigger. Over one lakh worth of units have witnessed a loss of production within a few months. The ban in the country would affect approximately 47,000 employees.

Currently, automobile dealerships have been redirecting their stocks to areas where diesel vehicles are not banned. It is important to note that, dealerships in the Delhi-NCR region can not forever keep stock of banned vehicles, which is affecting their business.

The ban on sale of diesel vehicles over 2,000cc was introduced on December 16, 2015. Earlier the Supreme Court planned on lifting the ban by April 30, 2016. However, it was decided that the ban would be extended and a decision will be taken soon.


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