Facing Problem In Finding A Parking Spot? Here’s The Smart Solution From Daimler

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German auto giant Daimler has started a unique and smart project to help drivers find a parking spot to park their car. Daimler stated that they will be working on a project, where cars fitted with sensors are connected to other cars by network, will share information about available parking spots to save drivers time.

Daimler To Begin Smart Parking Project

Daimler has partnered with the leading auto part maker Bosch, to work on this project named as ‘community-based parking', in its home city Stuttgart. Initially the cars taking part in this project will use built-in ultrasound sensors to scan roadside while cruising at a speed of 55km/h.

Daimler To Begin Smart Parking Project

The information regarding free parking spaces will be transmitted through secure connection to Bosch's cloud computing service. But identifying the genuine parking slots will be a challenge. For that reason, number of cars will travel through the same street and repeatedly registered empty spaces are considered as parking spots.

Daimler To Begin Smart Parking Project

On the first phase of this project, drivers will be provided with information of a particular street, where they can possibly find a parking spot. In the future days, there is also a possibility of displaying real-time data on car dashboard or car manufacturers smart phone app.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 3, 2016, 17:38 [IST]
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