Retrofitting CNG Kits On In-Use Four-Wheelers Banned In Delhi

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Delhi Transport Department has banned retrofitting CNG kits on in-use four-wheelers. Both authorised and unauthorised CNG conversion kit fitters have been asked to stop accepting bookings. There is a risk element as CNG is flammable and could risk the lives of occupants.

Several complaints have been registered that the CNG conversion kits are not fixed properly. Certification from the transport department is necessary and a few dealers were skipping this step. The decision to ban fitting of CNG kits has been banned for safety reasons.

Luckily vehicles sold through manufacturer's with a CNG kit have sale permission. At this moment, there is on deadline and the ban could be permanent. Unsafe use of CNG kits has now been banned by Delhi Government.

At this moment, no one in Delhi can fit a CNG kit on an existing or new vehicle. Only if a vehicle come fitted with an OEM CNG kit, it is allowed in the capital city. Stay tuned for more updates to know when the ban will be lifted or it will not?


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