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We recently revealed a modified Innova Crysta done by Kit Up! Now, Dilip Chhabria (DC) Designs has worked on a Toyota Innova Crysta to make it special.

DC Designs has reworked the interior of the MPV to make it look like a luxurious private jet. The seats and interior is finished in white, with wooden touches for the floor and the back of the seats.

dc design innova crysta

The driver's cabin is blocked off fom the passenger's, making the interior look like a high-end limousine, or rather a luxurious private jet. The seats have been re-done with better thigh and calf support. Most of the mechanical levers are replaced by electronic controls for ease of use.

Entertainment is of no shortage as well. The Innova Crysta features a large monitor just behind the driver and a smaller one below. The front maintains a 2-DIN system.

Although every interior aspect of the Crysta has been worked upon, the front dash is maintained as original from the company.

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