Dakar Rally 2016 Records First Accident

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The 2016 Dakar Rally has recorded its first ever accident, during the Prologue stage. The incident took place after Guo Meiling lost control of her X-raid Mini, and veered onto spectators. The crash left four spectators injured.

The incident took place during the Prologue stage, which is a seven mile course, which is also a first time for Dakar. The crash took place just past the halfway point of the stage.

A statement said, "The organisers immediately deployed all resources available to the site of the accident: four medical helicopters, three medical vehicles belonging to the organisers and eight local ambulances."

The Prologue stage is designed to set the starting order for the competitors before the first stage, while the time still counts for the overall results. After the accident, however, the remaining part of the stage was treated as a link section.

Just as a reminder, accidents are very common in Dakar, and the rally is considered one of the toughest forms of motorsports in the world. Also, the 2016 rally is Guo Meiling's first Dakar Rally. 

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