Daimler Registers Patent For Tyre Temperature Control System

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Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz has filed a patent for Tyre Temperature Control System with the UK Intellectual Property Office. To keep the temperature of the tyres within required levels, the technology involves the spraying of water.

As per the filing of the patent, the technology will use water stored for the front and rear windshields and spray it on the tyres when the temperature soars beyond required limit.

Sensors on the tyres will access the temperature and will accordingly spray water automatically in case there is a spurt in temperature beyond certain levels.

This is will not just be restricted to cooling the tyre, the technology will also heat up the tyre in case the tyre is cold. For this, the system will use the engine coolant heat to warm up the stored water and spray it on the tyres.

The company said that the system could harvest the water from a car wash, rain, and from melting ice and you need not top up the water storage levels. The new technology is in the development stage and production will enter very soon.

This system will help enhance the safety aspects of the tyre burst due to change in temperature be it heat or cold. Mercedes could implement the technology across its model range.

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