Daimler To Take On Tesla; 6 New EVs On The Way!

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German carmaker Daimler plans to roll out six, and possibly as many as nine, Electric Vehicles (EVs) as they plan to compete with Tesla.

Daimler, the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars, will unveil a new EV at the Paris motor show this year. The carmaker said that development of premium electric cars is being carried out at twice the speed than expected.

A German trade magazine earlier reported that the company would bring more than six electric car models to the market before 2024. Most of the European automobile manufacturers are investing heavily in EV technology.

The political backlash against diesel engines and the advancements in battery technology has led to an increase in the reach of an EV by up to 50 percent.

Reuters' reports that Mercedes will be making an SUV model with a hybrid engine powered, which would offer a 50 km range on battery and would then run on electricity generated by hydrogen fuel cells.

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