Five Car Brands That May Soon Set Foot In India

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India has seen an increase in car sales over the years and that has resulted in congestion in many big cities. In spite of such jams, customers are willing to buy new cars, be it a luxury car or an affordable model to run about everyday.

This has lead carmakers to bring in other brands and new brands to Indian shores. Over the last few years, carmakers such as Renault, Nissan, Audi, Ferrari, Datsun and many more have established themselves in the country.

Now, looking at the potential in the Indian market, other car brands may enter India as well. Here are five car brands that may soon come to India.

1. Daihatsu


Daihatsu, the 'budget brand' of Toyota has already created a buzz in the market. The carmaker is already keen on launching automobiles for the Indonesian market and if so, India has a high chance of seeing Daihatsu cars on road that will compete with models such as the Alto and the Kwid.

2. Kia


Hyundai is already a well established carmaker in the Indian market, but is facing difficulties when selling cars in the entry level segment in India. Maruti seems to have a very firm ground and that is why Hyundai could bring the Kia brand to India in a couple of years. When the Kia brand is launched, it will go against Maruti Suzuki, Daihatsu, Datsun, and Renault.

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3. Lexus


The third brand that could come to India, most probably this year itself is Lexus. Again, Toyota being a parent company, the Lexus brand will attract customers looking for luxury cars. Once launched, Lexus will compete with the three big Germans - Mercedes, Audi, and BMW in India.

4. Acura


As how Lexus is to Toyota, Acura is to Honda. The Japanese carmaker is doing a decent job in India with its mid sized sedan and could bring in the Acura brand to compete with Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. Acura is a well recognised brand in many countries, including the US and if Honda is keen on competing with luxury carmakers, then bringing the Acura brand to India is the the best option.

5. Genesis


Genesis is Hyundai's answer to luxury cars and carmaker will look at launching the brand in India if the market matures by the year 2020. One little hope India has to see the brand here is the fact that the Genesis brand was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. The Genesis is set to be the luxury brand while Kia will be targeted at customers who want affordable cars.

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