Bosch Blamed For Concealing Volkswagen’s Defeat Device

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German auto parts maker Robert Bosch GmbH is blamed for concealing Volkswagen's secret 'defeat device' software, which was developed with the help of Bosch. Also in 2008 Bosch demanded legal protection on this issue, this has been alleged in a court filing from lawyers of American car owners.

This filing was made in US District Court, San Francisco, which expands the earlier claims made by lawyers in August that, Bosch was an active partner in this crime. But Bosch lawyers had said that those claims were 'wild and unfounded'.

Volkswagen has confessed that it installed a software which deactivated pollution controls in more than 11 million vehicles sold globally, and has also agreed to spend $16.5 billion (Approximately Rs 110 crore) to rectify the emission issue and compensate the customers of 4,75,000 2-litre diesel vehicles.

The new court filing says that Bosch in 2008 demanded Volkswagen to provide legal protection over the use of 'defeat device', which is based on an email sent from Bosch to Volkswagen dated June 2008. The email stated that "Volkswagen indemnify Bosch for any legal exposure arising from work on the defeat device", the lawsuit said.

The filing also alleged that Bosch Chief Executive Officer, Volkmar Denner was aware of the defeat device being used in VW diesel cars. It also claims that Denner and former VW CEO, Martin Winterkorn held a meeting in May 2014, this shows that both were aware about the illegal use of defeat device.

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