BMW M4 GTS's Water Injection To Feature On Other Cars From 2019

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The BMW M4 GTSs' water injection technology, co-developed by Bosch and BMW, will soon be available to a much wider range of cars, and not just the BMW's.

Even though the M4 GTS had wings and other aero bits, the highlight of the car was the new water injection tech under the bonnet.

It's a simple piece of technology where a mist of water is sprayed into the intake manifold, lowering the engine temperature and decreasing engine knock.

The water injection helped the M4 GTS achieve a better efficiency, more power, and the ability to crank up the boost on the turbos to produce 493bhp.

BMW Motorsports boss, Frank van Meel earlier this year said that the Bosch co-developed tech will be appearing on other BMWs, but now it looks like we'll be seeing the water injection on cars from multiple brands as well.

Bosch global project manager, Fabiana Piazza said, "We're launching the water injection technology into the market now as tighter legislation and new real driving emissions tests are increasing the importance of this technology in all cars."

The system present in the M4 uses a 5-litre tank, which empties at the same pace as the fuel tank. In a normal application, Bosch expects the system to manage 3000km between refills. The engine will function fine even if you ran with an empty tank, but less efficient.

Regarding efficiency, Bosch is promising a 13 percent gain during normal driving conditions. There is also a four percent decrease in CO2 emissions, which is not bad for filling up a little tank of water.

To see how the system works, check out this video below:

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