Blake Fuller & Tesla Model S Aims To Break Pikes Peak Record

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Tesla's Model S will be making its debut in the centenary year of Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Blake Fuller, owner of Braille Battery and Go Puck will be seen driving the Model S. He is not only taking part, but is also aiming to break the record as well.

The record time to beat will be twelve minutes and 55 seconds. This record stands for the fastest electric production vehicle around Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The current record is held by Roy Richards and Blake Fuller aims to put his name into the record books with the Model S.

Blake Fuller will be significantly reducing the weight of Tesla's Model S. He will also be carrying out minor changes to the way the vehicle delivers its power. Pikes Peak is a challenging course and there is a possibility that the battery pack in Model S could overheat.

Fuller has significant knowledge on lightweight lithium-ion batteries. He has previously developed batteries for IndyCars back in 2012. We expect him to modify the battery for a more performance oriented feel. Blake will attempt to set the record in the Model S on June 26.

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