Incessant Monsoon Rains Throws Bangalore Out Of Gear — Pics!

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Continuous rain for over 12 hours has thrown traffic out of gear in India's IT capital Bangalore.

Thanks to the persistent rain, residents of South Bangalore localities like BTM layout, Silk Board and HSR Layout among many other had to go through deep water to get to work or school in the morning. 

bangalore floods

The monsoon rain which has been lashing the city for almost two months now has been pouring down for more than half a day now after the heavens opened up during the night leaving the ill-maintained roads of the city flooded and causing numerous lakes across the city to breach their banks, sending more water onto the streets. 

Residents of the city have taken to social media to show the damage caused by the rains and it is not a pretty site to behold. Commuting on the streets has become a pain with waterlogging causing major traffic jams across the city. The city's roads which were in quite a bad shape before the monsoon are in some cases under four feet of water.

The police and fire department have been trying their level best to cope with the problem but with the rains still tumbling down, the city may need some divine intervention to deal with the rain.

When the rains do finally stop, the city will have to gather itself back up and take a long hard look at its infrastructure, especially the roads and think to itself where the amount of road tax paid by the citizens (the highest in the country) is being put to use.

The citizens of Bangalore, especially those with their own bikes, scooters and cars will also have to look at getting their vehicles checked to ensure that any water damage caused by the waterlogging gets fixed.  

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