Australian Autonomous Bus Trial Goes Without Trouble (Or Driver)

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The Western Australian government has successfully completed the very first trial run of a fully electric, driverless bus in Perth. The bus reaches a maximum speed of 45km/h and can average a speed of 25km/h. The bus serves in the 25 minute route, between Sir James Mitchell Park and Old Mill in Perth.

The bus is named as Intellibus, and is an initiative taken by RAC and the Government of Western Australia. The bus is built by a French company, called Navya SAS.

Autonomous Bus Intellibus

The bus is capable of carrying 15 passengers. It is equipped with external cameras, GPS, emergency braking systems, and 2D and 3D LIDAR. RAC states that these features are already present in current cars, but in the Intellibus, these features work together to make it a fully autonomous vehicle.

The trial run of the Intellibus will continue for the next three weeks. The public can avail a ride by signing up through RAC's website, and the ride is very affordable.

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