Your Next Audi Could Spell The End For Red Lights

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Audi has announced its first ever vehicle to infrastructure (v2i) system called Traffic Light Information, that will inform drivers about how much time there is left, for a signal to turn green.

Audi will introduce this new system in the fall of this year, in the new 2017 Audi Q7, A4, and A4 Allroad cars that are equipped with the Audi connect PRIME system.

Traffic light information will allow Audi cars to communicate with the advanced traffic management systems in select cities across the United States. The system, which monitors traffic lights in cities, will relay real-time information about the traffic signals to Audi cars.

Audi owners will be able to access information regarding the amount of time remaining for a green signal, through the driver information system in the instrument cluster, or through the heads up display.

If this system does come to India, it could mean the end of the three-hour long jams, between home and work. However, knowing the way the Indian on the road behaves, that could still be a pipe dream.

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