More Details About The Aston Martin Red Bull Hypercar Emerges

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Red Bull is currently recruiting engineers to turn their vision of the ultimate road car into a reality.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies will work along with Aston Martin to produce a road-legal hypercar that can be as fast as an F1 car.

The AM-RB 001 concept debuted earlier this year at Aston Martin's headquarters in Gaydon, but confirmed details of the production are very less.

Red bull plans to beat McLaren at their own game with the new hypercar. Red Bulls designer Adrian Newey has gone into competition with them on the road.

However, since last month, Red Bull Racing's website has been showing a requirement for "highly motivated and skilled engineers".

Positions for the engineers with expertise in hybrid drivetrains and semi-active suspension are among the vacancies which are currently open.

Aston Martin had promised a "ground-breaking" naturally aspirated V12 for the new AM-RB 001. Now, the bespoke, high-revving engine will have to work in harmony with the hybrid the drivetrain .

The engine and hybrid system together is expected to produce between 900-1000bhp in order to satisfy Newey's desire for a car with 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

The semi-active suspension system on the AM-RB 001 will contribute to the effectiveness of the car's under-body aerodynamics, which in turn will provide a record-breaking road car performance.

The first AM-RB 001 prototype is expected to hit the roads by the end of 2017, with deliveries rumoured for 2019.

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