Ground-Effect Aerodynamics For Ariel Aero-P Concept

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New Aero-P Atom concept from Ariel uses a clever and unique type of aerodynamic technology, which can even produce downforce when it's stationary. In the Aero-P Atom concept, the Aero stands for 'Aerodynamic Efficiency Requirements & Optimisation Project'. The technology is simple that the company uses a pair of fans mounted underneath the car. And it has rubber skirt forming which is like a seal around the ground.

Ground-Effect Aerodynamics for Ariel Aero-P Concept

Ariel, the company itself is famous for making cars with the hyper-minimalist design. This technology of using fans to create more downforce is not new. Racecars of the past like Brabham BT46B and Chaparral 2J used the same technology and as a result, these cars were banned. However, this won't be a problem for Ariel that it's not making a racing car for the track, it's a racing car for the road.

Ground-Effect Aerodynamics for Ariel Aero-P Concept

The ground effect aerodynamics is the end result of this technology. The Aero-P's fans operate by using a standalone battery and it can be controlled either manually or can be deployed automatically during braking, accelerating and cornering. Ariel produced this fans in collaboration with TotalSim and Delta Motorsport.

Ground-Effect Aerodynamics for Ariel Aero-P Concept

For now, Aero-P is testing vehicle for this technology and as of now the company doesn't have the plan to put Aero-P into production. We can hope for it being a production car in the future as it will be on show at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show held at Millbrook Proving Ground this month.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 12:51 [IST]
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