Apollo Automobil GmbH To Unveil The "Fastest Road Car On The Planet"

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The German automaker Apollo Automobil Gmbh, previously know as Gumpert, has teased its next debut, the ApolloN.

apolloN teased ahead of geneva motor show

Gumpert was acquired by Chinese group TeamVenture earlier this year. The group has also purchased American car manufacturer, De Tomaso.

After years of slow sales, The company officially filed bankruptcy in August 2013. It is believed that the Apollo S never made it to production. Gumpert's final debut happened at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show with the Apollo S.

"Today we are still building the fastest road car on the planet, we are and we will always be a force in the restive advance of performance, and for us as engineers, this is reason enough," Apollo Automobil said in a statement.

The ApolloN is expected to be a successor to the Gumpert Apollo. To be the fastest road car on the planet, ApolloN will need to beat the 434 Km/h barrier set by the Hennessey Venom GT.

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