Fernando Alonso Still Sceptical Over McLaren-Honda’s 2017 Updates

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McLaren-Honda has made massive gains in recent races, however, the team still has a power deficit. Fernando Alonso is yet sceptical about the development regarding the 2017 power unit. The Spaniard believes McLaren-Honda will have to take a giant leap to be competitive.

Honda re-entered Formula One competition back in the 2015 season. Both, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button heavily criticised the all-new engine. McLaren-Honda were surprisingly jostling with teams at the back and were no way close to top-running Formula One teams.

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Technicians and engineers have been working hard on developing a competitive package for 2017. Formula One fans and enthusiasts want Honda to come back in 2017 and compete with the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Williams.

Currently, McLaren-Honda is still struggling with outright pace. Alonso and Button also would like more reliable components for the team. The 2017 Formula One Championship will adopt several new regulations, which is bound to shake performance and dominance of current teams.

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Jenson Button has decided to take a break from racing in 2017 and Stoffel Vandoorne will replace him. Both, Alonso and Vandoorne will have a mammoth task in further developing the McLaren-Honda project. We too hope that McLaren-Honda returns to the podium challenging position soon.

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