6,506 Customers Wait In Line For Only 500 Ford GT Models

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Ford Motors will be developing only 500 of their iconic GT models for customers. The Ford GT will cost an astounding USD 4,50,000 to potential buyers. Surprisingly, the American-based manufacturer has received over 6,506 purchase requests.

6506 ford gt customers

All 500 Ford GT models will be built by the American manufacturer within the next two years. Ford will be handcrafting each GT model for its esteemed customers. Deliveries are expected to commence from 2016-end worldwide.

ford gt

Application for purchasing an all-new Ford GT was closed last week itself. The automobile manufacturer will now decide who will be the best owners for the Ford GT. Celebrities, race team owners, car collectors, enthusiasts, and even Ford dealers could be first preferences for the super muscle car.

500 ford gt

Ford plans on giving its 500 models to individuals that will further enhance the value of the supercar. It is expected that most individuals will use the Ford GT for displays. They also expect that eventually these models will go up in charity auctions and fetch huge sums of money.

ford gt 500 customer
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