Los Angeles Police Department To Use German Vehicles

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In today's age and time everyone wants to look good in their vehicles. Individuals who buy vehicles make sure that their machines are an extension of their personality. Even police officers would love to enter a crime scene in style.

For this very reason, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has accepted a certain German luxury car provider. 100 BMW i3 electric vehicles have joined the LAPD non-emergency fleet. Surprisingly, the BMW i3 looks neat in the Black and White police vehicle livery.

bmw i3 lapd

Currently, none of the BMW i3 models will be used by the LAPD to chase bad guys. The electric police vehicles will be only used to transport officers. They have also received permission to use the new BMW i3 models for community outreach.

Previously, the Tesla P85D was being tested by the LAPD. The P85D is a discontinued model from Tesla and the LAPD was looking at options to lease or purchase the P90 model. Unfortunately, things went south and the LAPD ended up taking delivery of 100 BMW i3 models.

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