World's First 3D Printed Supercar—Blade

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3D printing has advanced over recent times and a California based automobile start-up company has made a prototype sports car named Blade.

The company hopes that 3D printing will redefine car manufacturing.

Kevin Czinger of Divergent Microfactories realized one day that no matter how eco-friendly cars are, manufacturing them harms the environment as well.

He says long assembly lines where the cars are manufactured leave behind a huge carbon footprint even before the car leaves the manufacturing plant.

The 3D printed car, Blade, has a featherlight chassis, weighing just 46 kgs, while giving it the same strength and safety as ones made of steel. This helps reducing the cars overall weight as well to 635 kg.

This lightweight car equipped with a 700 horsepower engine that runs on natural gas and has twice the power to weight ratio as a Bugatti Veyron, while still keeping the air clean.

Czinger feels that this type of car making will revolutionise the world of car making and will have a huge impact on how future cars are built.

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