Volvo Liable In Case Of Self Driving Car Crashes Says Company

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Volvo has a clean aim for the future—by 2020, their cars will be death free. Now if that isn't courageous, the company now claims that if any Volvo self driving car crashes, the company will take full responsibility and pay for damages.

Recently, the company showed how the user interface of their self driving cars work. It is very simple and special paddles switch between driver and driverless mode.

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It all seems safe and easy until Volvo has taken a step further in terms of safety.

According to Hakan Samuelsson, the CEO of Volvo, the company will take full liability, in case of an accident that involves a Volvo in self driving mode.

For one, this move shows how much work and dedication the company has put in to develop the self driving or autonomous cars. Secondly, those looking to ‘scam' Volvo by staging accidents will also be ruled out since the cars will use a number of sensors to process data. If it is autonomous mode, everything will be recorded.

One thing to be kept in mind is that Volvo is not the only one claiming it will pay for damages—Mercedes-Benz and Google say the same thing as well.

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